Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Out Now New Releases For April 2016: K2 - Crude Soup C40/ Thirdorgan - Yagamania C70/ Luke Holland - Stir C32

This tape captures Industrial Harsh Noise in the true tradition. Trapdoor Tapes is proud to serve up K2's "Crude Soup" from Japanese Veteran 草深公秀 (Kimihide Kusafuka). Active since 1983.  Founder of legendary Kinky Musik Institute and renowned for collaborations with Grunt, Dead Body Love, Incapacitants, The Haters, The New Blockaders, Christian Renou, MSBR, & Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck to name a few. First edition of black tapes with red xerox card limited to 70 copies.

New Release from old school industrial noise band THIRDORGAN. 
One of Japans most exceptional and long standing artists Akihiro Shimizu. 
THIRDORGAN has continued to be prolific and have strong output till this day since 1993. Akihiro has collaborated and worked with other artist's including Contagious Orgasm, Dead Body Love, Government Alpha, Cock E.S.P., Richard Ramirez to name a few. Releasing over 70 Tapes, CDs and Vinyl records on many cult international labels including Lebensborn, Open Wound, Old Europa Cafe, Xerxes, Bizarre Audio Arts etc.
Trapdoor Tapes is honoured to be working with and releasing the work of THIRDORGAN.
First edition xerox card with black tapes limited to 70 copies.

Newest Trapdoor Tapes TT091 release from Luke Holland TT091 draws conceptually from bleak Australian 1980s film 'Stir' and again visually employs minimalism, similar to that of previous releases Decomposition and Purgatory. 
Recorded solely using samples and John Murphy's Legendary Ems Aks Synth. 
The first edition xerox on parchment card and Black tapes in limited edition of 70 copies.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Trapdoor Tapes Releases Available in Japan

Select Trapdoor Tapes Releases are available from:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Out Now New Release For January 2016: Mshing / Sentenced For Life Split C30

The long awaited split cassette between these two established Australian Industrial acts. 
In total this cassette collects 30 Minutes of raw and unsettling power electronics and death industrial. Not for the weak minded.

Out Now New Release For January 2016: V/A Trapdoor Tapes Document One C90

Link Above contains new Interview and exclusive mix to coincide with the release of
V/A Trapdoor Tapes Document One 
C90 Cassette. 
Compilation has selections from previous releases, unreleased tracks and forthcoming material from the Trapdoor Tapes catalog. 
Artists Include: Military Position, Sentenced For Life, Ebola Disco, Concrete Mascara, Rope Society, Transparent Flesh Flag, Praetorian Guard, Prognostic Circle, Word Of Life Church SS, Luke Holland and Andrew Coltrane.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Armour Group Purge LP OUT NOW



Ideologically, Armour Group align themselves in the firm tradition of the power electronics/death industrial genre- through their use of extreme minimal electronics accented by samples drawn from cult cinema that broadly reference serial killings, murder, disaster, misanthropy, immoral acts, relationships, love and betrayal. The totality of these important genre-specific elements aims to create an overall atmosphere of apocalyptic and existentially reactionary questioning as well as to incite feelings of euphoria and affirmation, whilst commenting on the way we currently process the impending demise of our current culture and natural surroundings. 

1st Pressing: 250 copies; Matte cover w/ black print + varnish overlay; Black vinyl.

Design – Trine + Kim Design Studio
Mastered By – James Plotkin
Performers – Harriet Kate Morgan, Luke Holland
Recorded Between 2014 - 2015.